Tenements pegged originally for rare earths potential to be explored for magmatic nickelcopper-PGE discoveries in ultramafic-mafic rocks similar to the recent Julimar discovery



  • Byro East pegged in February this year for rare earths exploration.

  • Recent geological review subsequent to the Chalice-Julimar discovery has highlighted the presence of ultramafic intrusions within the Narryer Gneiss Complex.

  • The geological setting of the Milly Milly Intrusions is considered analogous to the Gonneville Intrusion that hosts the Chalice discovery.

  • Surrounding tenure pegged recently by Chalice Gold Mines, Buxton Resources and other private companies.

  • Exploration planned to evaluate a nickel-copper gossan at surface and other geochemical targets.


RareX applied for tenements E09/2386 and E09/2387 in January 2020 prior to the Julimar discovery in March. RareX initially applied on the basis of the tenure containing some of the highest and most consistent Rare Earth Element (REE) geochemical anomalies in the state as part of the GSWA dataset. The REE anomalies are proximal to a circular feature in the state-wide magnetics interpreted to be an intrusion, possibly a carbonatite. 


Figure 1 - Western Gneiss Terrane