The Cummins Range Rare Earths Project “Cummins Range” is a globally significant rare earths project located in the Kimberley region for Western Australia near the township of Halls Creek. Halls creek is well provisioned for infrastructure with power, water and sealed airstrip. It is serviced by the Great Northern Highway which connects to the modern ports of Wyndham and Darwin

Since Cummins Range was acquired in mid-2019 RareX has quickly progressed the project declaring a maiden JORC 2012 indicated and inferred resource 18.8Mt at 1.15% TREO (inc. 0.23% NdPr) + 0.14% Nb2O5 including high-grade tonnes to 6.5Mt at 1.98% TREO (inc. 0.38% NdPr) + 0.21% Nb2O5. The primary rare earth mineral in Monazite, the most well understood and processed rare earth mineral in the world. 

The mineralisation at Cummins Range is hosted in the weathered portion of the underlying carbonatite intrusion with the deposit outcropping in multiple location leading to a potential very cheap open pit mining scenario. The underlying carbonatite intrusion contains both carbonatite and pyroxenite units with occasional massive glimmerite.


In mid-2020 RareX undertook its maiden drill program at Cummins Range completing 6,143m of RC drilling which was highly successful in proving up the high-grade core of the deposit with exceptional widths and grades of rare earths and niobium encountered such as 


  • 36m at 4.6% TREO and 0.32% Nb2O5 from surface

    • Inc 3m at 25.1% TREO and 0.45% Nb2O5

  • 41m at 4.0% TREO and 0.21% Nb2O5 from surface

    • Inc 3m at 13.9% TREO and 0.25% Nb2O5


  • 90m at 3.8% TREO and 0.29% Nb2O5 from surface

    • Inc 20m at 5.1% TREO and 0.29% Nb2O5

    • Inc 3m at 11.3% TREO and 0.48% Nb2O5

    • Inc 32m at 4.4% TREO and 0.30% Nb2O5

    • Inc 5m at 9.0% TREO and 0.56% Nb2O5

    • Inc 17m at 5.1% TREO and 0.32% Nb2O5

  • 109m at 3.6% TREO and 0.44% Nb2O5 from surface

  • Inc 70m at 5.4% TREO and 0.64% Nb2O5

  • Inc 9m at 7.5% TREO and 1.5% Nb2O5

  • Inc 13m at 10.7% TREO and 1.04% Nb2O5

  • Inc 8m at 9.1% TREO and 0.5% Nb2O5